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Season 2 Episode 5

Carolyn Rodier, an occupational therapist and assistive technology evaluator, breaks down the wide range of what Assistive Technology is, as well as how it can be applied not just in professional or educational settings, but also for leisure, recreation, and specifically, the arts. Carolyn is also the business partner of Tanika Peart (who appeared in the third episode of this season, Arts and Entertainment with AAC). Together, Carolyn and Tanika are the co-founders of ACE Innovations ( a company with the goal of providing assistive technology support for all individuals from birth to geriatrics.

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Pieces: The ACRES Podcast

A podcast series run in partnership with the ACRES Project, Pieces focuses on the impact the ACRES Project has on its small town community by highlighting individual’s stories from its participants, staff, and other members of the ACRES network. ACRES is a non-profit organization whose mission is to foster independence, self-advocacy, social opportunities, and work/life skills for adults with autism. For more information, check out their website with the link below.